Welcome to Daily Bible Verses 2017!  Each day, I will post a Bible verse, along with a short commentary.  Occasionally, I will post longer pieces.

May God bless you and bring you into a deeper knowledge of His word and a closer relationship with Him!

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A friend of mine gave me a calendar with a Bible verse for each day as a Christmas gift; I didn’t have the heart to tell her I already had one.  So, I decided to use it as the basis for this blog: I’ll be able to honestly tell her that I’m using it, which will make her happy, and I’ll have something to get me back into writing (and, hopefully, to keep me writing), which will make me happy.  I love writing, and I love studying the Bible, and I believe it is my Christian duty to reach out to others, and to share God’s Word with them; I lack direction in both of those areas, and as a shy introvert, talking to others in *any* context can be rather difficult at times.  This blog will hopefully solve both of those problems.

The calendar she gave me is the “Daily Verse: 2017 Daily Desktop Calendar” published by TF Publishing.  Though I will be following the calendar in terms of what quotes get posted on which days, I will be posting verses from the NJKV version, instead of the NIV the calendar uses.  Bible quotes are from the Bible, material from other sources will have the source cited, and anything else you read is my own written work.

All of the pictures that serve as my background pictures are ones I took myself, although I do not recall the exact location each one was taken in.

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