Tuesday, January 10

“You enlarged my path under me; So my feet did not slip.” 2 Samuel 22:37

This verse is part of a larger piece: a song that King David sang after the Lord had delivered him from his enemies.  In this song, David praises God for saving him, recounting how he cried out to God and God came to his rescue. The scheming of his enemies ultimately came to nothing, because the Lord was with him.

This is a recurring theme in the psalms of David: David is beset by enemies, abandoned by his friends, endures tragedy and hardship, and yet no matter the circumstances, he praises God.  And God always comes to his rescue, always delivers him from the hand of his enemies.

David clings to God.  He chooses to have faith, to trust in God no matter what circumstances he finds himself in.  Making that choice does not make all of his problems disappear; David does not suddenly find himself with an easy life where everything always goes his way.  David may be celebrating peace and rest from his enemies in this song, but this will not be the last time the Lord delivers him.  He will find himself in dire circumstances again, and will again have to decide between trusting God, holding fast to his faith, and letting go of God and trying to make his own way.

The Bible never promises us an easy life; in several places, it actually does the opposite.  Yes, God will bless us and give us many gifts, but we will also have many troubles.  However, if we trust in God, if we place our faith in Him, He will see us through.

Even in the midst of the storm, God is there to guide us.  We may not be able to feel it, we may look at the rain, the thunder and the lightning, and find it hard to believe.  But we can be sure of it just the same; God has promised us that He will never leave us, and His promises are sure.  With this in mind, as the rain pours down, the lightning flashes, and the thunder sounds, we too can praise the Lord.


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